Some players think that it would be better and more profitable to stay and play at an online casino on weekdays. But the days actually have no meaning for best and frequent winnings. Because you can make winnings on every single day of the week! Especially at Bob Casino Canada. However, most people prefer to play on weekdays. Maybe that is connected to their schedule or they work remotely online. There are several different reasons for that. But the chances of winning and losing are always the same. 

All casino games run on a random number generator and for this reason, everyone always has the same chance to win. Since the game played on the slot is also a game of chance, the little bit of luck also plays no small role for rich winnings. The sparkling exciting slot machines cannot be manipulated – neither by the casino nor by the player. This is something you can rely on and trust, and you can always count on many chances to win the best prize.



While some players worry about exactly when to play a slot, in reality it is much more important to know when not to play them:

  • When you are no longer in control of your emotions
  • when you test yourself as a gambling addict
  • when you have used up your financial budget and want to make up for losses
  • when you do not use a bonus as a starting money
  • if you do not use free spins as a new player.

Consider these tips the next time you enter a casino or play online. Most important thing is that you feel comfortable and can enjoy your trip. But be aware that losing is always a chance. So never bet more than you can spare to ensure you have a sustainable joy of casinos. 



For casino players, it is not a certain time that plays the big role for best winnings, but the factors and criteria that an online casino should fulfill. Therefore, the best time to play is always when a provider grants a particularly lucrative bonus with free spins without deposit. Or when a provider (or software provider) sets high payout ratios on the slots.

All these factors can lead to the fact that you as a player can generate best winning prospects with bonus, free spins and RTP. With a bonus, the casino account is filled and with free spins, winnings can double or triple – depending on the multiplier. The online casinos can be called 24/7 to play and if you have Fortuna on your side, then you can even collect winnings every hour and indeed every day. However, you should always limit your playing time. It’s about the time of day, not the length.

Now you have the best secret tips to enjoy your next casino excursion. Dive into this magical world and experience all the things. It has so much to offer. 

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