What people think is the best slot machine is undoubtedly a matter of taste, and often influenced by whether someone has recently hit the jackpot and been paid a big win. Nevertheless, we will try to give a few suggestions on the best slot machines.

The most popular slot machine

Denmark’s most popular slot machine is undoubtedly Starburst from NetEnt. Compared to many of the big slots launches, which are full of impressive graphics and seductive sound, Starburst may seem a bit simple and old-fashioned. On the other hand, it is fast. And people love it.

This becomes especially clear when you consider how many Free Spins Starburst is selected for. Out of 15 Free Spins offers, the 8 can currently be played on Starburst. It’s no coincidence that casinos have chosen this slot: it’s simply because it’s the most popular. 

The best-looking casino slots

best-looking casino slots

Every game developer has slot machines that they have spent thousands of hours making entertaining and captivating.

Microgaming’s Thunderstruck II inspired by Norse mythology quickly became more popular than the original Thunderstruck with 243 Ways to Win, great graphics and an alluring soundtrack. They later tried to repeat the trick with a sequel to another of their popular slots, Avalon, but Avalon II never enjoyed the same success.

Net Entertainment took inspiration from the myth of the Lost City of Gold in the game Gonzo’s Quest. The game combines a fun animated gold hunter (Gonzo) with traditional Mexican stone tablets, which have replaced the reels and fall from the top of the screen every time you press Spin. Each time you win, the winning tiles disappear and you get another chance to win with an increasing multiplier.

The best Danish slot machines

Just as Danes want to watch Danish movies, many also choose Danish slot machines. Spilnu was launched with exclusively proprietary slot machines and quickly became one of the most popular casinos in Denmark. Their most popular slots are Diamond Express and Inspector.

Royal Casino has got the exclusive rights to HUGO based from the popular screen troll that started out on TV2 in the 80s. You can try HUGO at Royal Casino.

The most expensive tie-in

The most expensive tie-in

Movies, TV shows, bands and video games. If it’s popular, there’s almost always a slot machine with images, movie sequences and sound from there too. But which is the most successful that has been made into a slot? The answer is to be found in the world of film, among an unlikely group of superheroes: with €10.6 billion in ticket sales, The Avengers may only be the 5th most successful film in history, but if you look at all the films starring Iron Man, Captain America and the other superheroes that make up the “Marvel Cinematic Universe”, the series has grossed no less than €76 billion. And that’s without the revenue from DVDs, streaming, action figures… and royalties from The Avengers slot. You can play The Avengers at Bet365 Casino, where you’ll also find stand-alone slots featuring Iron-Man and Spider-Man.

The Loosest Slot

As a reward for reading this far, we reveal Denmark’s most generous slot machine: the one that pays back the most to players: Blood Suckers from NetEnt pays back a whopping 98% to the player, meaning your money will stretch twice as far as on a slot machine with an average payback of 96% (and 6 times as far as on typical slots in arcades, which pay back 88% to the player).

You won’t find any FreeSpins for Blood Suckers as the casinos would rather you play on machines that are more attractive to them, but you use your welcome bonus from one of the many Net Entertainment casinos that have the Blood Suckers game.

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