Virtual football requires players to predict the outcome of matches and then place bets on the computer-generated virtual match. Compared to real sports, online bookmakers offer competitive odds on every match. The virtual version copies real players’ names, club teams, sports arenas, leagues, events, tournaments, competitions, championships and much more, from the real world, so it feels real to the user.

Virtual tennis

Here, players are offered to place bets on their favourite tennis stars, who all come with result and player statistics that are almost identical to their actual namesakes. Competitions and tournaments take place in tennis stadiums nearly identical to those seen in various competitions broadcast daily.

Virtual Horse Racing

Similar to its real-life counterpart, horse racing is offered, covering multiple races inspired by real, local and international events, featuring horses, riders, event and competition statistics, markets as well as betting options similar to real-world horse racing.

Virtual Basketball

Virtual Basketball

Provides sports enthusiasts an opportunity to engage in the outcome of a nearly infinite variety of virtual games, all featuring namesakes with the same evns as the real athletes. Players excited about virtual basketball can enjoy this great game and place bets on their favorite sports stars and teams 24/7/365 a year.

Virtual Dog Racing

Delivers a great racing experience at nearly the same smooth and fast speed as the sleek dogs of a real race. With virtual dogs that have the same names as the racing dogs in real life. Although the available gaming options on dog racing are quite restrictive, you will still find the same excitement in the races, and therefore retain the same dynamic whole as that offered in the real world.

Motorcycle and Racing

Features names, teams and team colours identical to those found on tracks and racecourses around the world. It covers F1, WRC and sprint races with cars driven by the namesakes of the heroes you follow daily with great excitement and anticipation.


Players watch excitedly on the badminton court sideline, while they are given the opportunity to bet on the individual performance or on any of their favourite international stars whenever they wish. These conditions also mean that players do not have to wait for an actual match to take place. This of course allows the player to engage far more frequently than normal.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis

Allows players to place an increased number of bets on the outcome of many games, released in the likeness of real players, as well as their career statistics, including almost virtually identical images from places like Wimbledon as well as other major international stages.

Indoor Bike Racing

The aim of this virtual game is to attract cycling enthusiasts. This high-speed bicycle race is brought to life by computer-generated images of the great bicycle racers in action, unfolding on the visual and auditory track sides, practiced as one of the world’s toughest sports. 

Virtual races provide an extensive cross-section of the markets and betting opportunities that players expect to find at any real-world cycling event.Archery: Focuses on a sport with one of the oldest sports still popular today. That’s thanks to admiring fans of the master archers, who show off their technical skills and cool overview for the target. The virtualised competitions allow players to watch and bet on a wide range of bets and markets with real live replicas of the actual sportsmen active in battle. Players are challenged to step up to the plate and show their superiority and range during all events around the virtual world.


Encourages discerning players to watch and place bets on one of the most competitive and stylish equestrian events. The game is filled with horse and rider names regularly seen in other real-world trotting competitions. Points are also awarded for style of horse and rider, combined with the condition and handling of the horse. The virtual competition now gives players the opportunity to bet on many of their equine stars in many competitions around the world.

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